Hi there, it's Clara

I am a web developer based in Tel Aviv.

I recently moved here from Berlin.

In a previous life I studied law.

I also graduated. I have a German Staatsexamen and a LLM.

Currently, I am teaching at Le Wagon coding bootcamp.

Supporting students on their journey how to learn to code is awesome.

About me


I first studied law in a small town in Germany at the Polish border in order to obtain my German law degree. Afterwards I moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where I graduated with a masters degree in European Union Law.
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Only when I came back to Berlin to work in a big law firm I found out that I don’t want to be a lawyer for the rest of my life.

Discovering my hidden love for computers and the rising of Coding Bootcamps eventually resulted in attending Le Wagon Berlin from October to December 2017. I instantly fell in love with coding and have been a developer and teacher for the same company since.

 With dividing my time between teaching and coding, I have found the perfect mix between exploring further this newly acquired skillset and a highly social occupation.

I have a strong interest in legal tech, security and data protection.
 Other than that, I love plants 🌿 and all things gold.



The final project in Le Wagon coding bootcamp. A website to find cultural events in Berlin.

Integration works

Legal Hackathon Berlin 2019 submission - won third place. A tool for SMEs to find out if they can hire refugees.


A list of resources made for my students from Le Wagon who are just now exploring the world of programming.


Ruby on Rails · HTML · CSS · SQL · PostgreSQL · Javascript · React · Stimulus

Feedback from students

Michael, student in summer 2018

Zuza, student in summer 2018